Saturday, November 27, 2004

Day 1 - Addendum

I don't know whether I've contributed my 15 minutes.
Let me add a few more thoughts.
Of all the ways I identify myself, the one I consider most significant is "parent."
My daughter is 14 and is one of the billions I speak of who will inherit the results of our actions today.
This is what I want for her:
  • A healthy world whose occupants find it easier than not to remain physically and mentally healthy
  • A safe and stable society in which one can pursue one's desires without fear of harm
  • A culture that will be tolerant and accepting of her -- a bi-racial, currently atheist (she was raised in church, but currently contends that she does not believe, and that should be fine), female who speaks her mind and follows her own muse
  • The opportunity to have a successful and happy life

Again, each of these goals leads me back to my values as a liberal Democrat.

With that, I am going to call today a day.