Monday, December 06, 2004

From Across Space and Time

Yesterday was quite a day for renewed communications.
I spoke over the phone to Barni, my painting teacher and a great friend, who was turning 90.
I e-mailed Carole, once an unrequited love, but always a funny and cynical conversationalist.
And Reggie, a colleague from a few years back, came over to help us put up the Christmas tree and have dinner.
Three different periods of my life. Three good friends with whom I had been out of touch.
All in all, an excellent day.
Unfortunately, I got extremely drunk on red wine and don't remember how it ended.
I don't remember Reggie leaving, or making my way into bed.
I woke up at 3, then again close to 6 to begin work with a terrible hangover.
My daughter tells me I was pretty loud and obnoxious at the end of the evening. Probably true.
I called Reggie to see that he got home okay, and to ask whether I had said anything I need to apologize for.
He didn't seem to think so.
We tentatively made plans to get together again on Boxing Day.
This morning, I had an e-mail reply from Carole. It was like picking up a conversation again after 20 years --and it has indeed been about 20years since we have spoken. She went to our 30th high school reunion. I did not. I did report my contact details for the directory, which I received in the mail Friday. That inspired me to write to Carole.
I'm leafing through the reunion directory again. Maybe I'll try writing some more later. I'm kind of dragged out at the moment.