Sunday, January 23, 2005

Two Organizations Worth Knowing About

Two organizations we should all be aware of are profiled in todays edition of The New York Times.
Iraq Veterans Against the War provides support for military personnel (including those on active duty) who have taken political stands against the conflict, and calls for immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraqi soil. Their website:
Operation Truth provides non-political support, and a forum for unrestricted opinions, of our miliary. It includes a set of extremely interesting observations, diaries, accounts and commentary pieces by veterans. Their website:
I urge you to visit both sites.
Here's a quote from just one of the testimonials on the Operation Truth site:

Hear it from us, the ones who were on the streets day and night. Hear it
from us, the ones who saw a well organized insurgency. I want the American
people to know that the United States and its allies were not prepared for this
war, or the insurgency that followed. I want the American people to know that
they are sending your sons and daughters to a war ill-prepared, under-manned,
and with equipment that is downright embarrassing for our country's honor and
tradition. I want the American people to know that these soldiers are not
being educated about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and that MANY soldiers have PTSD. They either don't know it, don't report it, or they are told that they
flat out don't have it. Finally, I want the American people to know that these
soldiers are very young, and that they are not getting the proper care and
treatment that they deserve. Many of them are returning to combat with PTSD.
Making them unfit for duty.
But of course you will never hear that from anyone in Washington. Just understand that we did our duty, and now we want our government to do theirs. Tell the truth.

Asw this young writer so eloquently states, our government seems to be devoted to keeping information about the Iraq conflict away from us. It has been, of course, widely noted that our miserable excuse for a president, George W. Bush, did not mention Iraq in his vile and ridiculous inauguration address.
It is important to keep in mind the observations and opinions of those who have been there. They deserve our attention and respect.