Friday, April 01, 2005

Food Magnets

Last night, Pat Buchanan was doused with salad dressing during a speech at Western Michigan University, becoming the third major right-wing pundit in the past 6 months to be baptised with foodstuffs while spewing bile in university settings. Last October, Ann Coulter was targeted with a pie at the University of Arizona (the fleet-footed devil-woman managed to duck and run) and just this Tuesday, Bill Kristol got a full-on pie facial at Earlham University in Indiana.
What is it about these right-wingers that attracts flying food? Given the well-known physical phenomenon of opposites attracting, I can understand that sugary desserts might fly off their plates towards Ms. Coulter's sour visage. But surely it's not possible that Mr. Buchanan needs to be any oilier or more vinegary. And if the idea was to match the topping to the main fare -- well, he's certainly not healthy and green; nobody could argue that he's good for you.
All theory aside, what it looks like is that people are getting tired of listening to these people lie. And while the particular responses may be juvenile, it's good to see people on the left acting on their anger.
We're shut out of taxpayer-funded "town hall meetings" on the president's evil antisocial schemes -- which means we should be turning up en masse whenever one is held, and forcing the Bush goons to keep us out. In front of the media's cameras if possible -- now that there may be a few that aren't pointed day and night toward a hospice in Pinellas Park, Florida.
It's time for a renewal of civil disobedience. I do mean civil -- in opposition to the violence that seems to spring up naturally on the right. I wouldn't want even Ann Coulter to feel her life is endangered if she speaks her mind -- but I wouldn't mind at all if she were forever coated in cream sauce.