Thursday, May 19, 2005

Outing The President

I don't know how credible these dispatches are, but they are enormously entertaining.
I guess the bottom line is that I choose to believe them. has been running periodic posts called "The Voice of the White House," that are supposedly written by a Bush administration staffer.
Here's a sample:

My God, such fun! Seems that our professional male prostitute, phony “news” reporter and keeper of a Forbidden Journal, using a Secret Service day pass, visited the White House 196 times in two years, and spent the night 12 times! That’s right, spent the night 12 times ...
Who did he spend the night with? Here is the question for your readers: Whom did Gannon service on his sleepovers? Since 9/11, the White House security checks are meticulous - it is almost impossible for the average Joe Public to get into the White House even once during the day, much less 196 times, and even more so OVERNIGHT! And Guckert was no Joe Public - he was a person of bad character - a known male hooker, fraudulently claiming to be a reporter, and using a false name.
Only direct orders from the absolute highest levels of the Fag Palace would have given such a person this kind of access. Need I say more? And please note that Captain Bulldog was one of the very few members of the press to be allowed inside the White House to cover the January 26, 2005 special Presidential press conference. If there were no events for a newsman, no matter how phony, to cover, why did he come here?
A check of the staff rosters indicate that only one person was in the White House on all the dates that Gannon slept over. The same person was always here when Gannon visited on days when there was no press action to cover. My, my, who could that be? Do you believe in coincidences? Do you believe in the Tooth Fairy? If Gannon had something going with a staffer, they would go to a motel or someone’s apartment in the area…unless the other person could not leave the White House without drawing attention to their absence.

There's something totally believable about all this.
I wrote a few weeks ago that if Bush is gay, it will turn out to be the only inoffensive thing about him.
Post Gannon, there's been a fair amount of speculation in the blogs on this subject. When Hillary Clinton was first lady, it seems the MSM was full of rumors that she was gay. Why isn't W being treated to the same speculation?