Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Time to Change the Subject

It must have been a brutal shock to the Bush administration to find the White House press corps still on the Rove-Wilson case for a second week in a row. Uncurious George and company have never had to worry about actual reporters asking actual questions before.
So, it's no wonder that after yesterday's brutal press briefing, they decide that today is the day to announce Bush's nomination to fill the Supreme Court vacancy left by Sandra Day O'Connor.
"Let's change the subject and make them talk about something else," you can hear Karl Rove say, if you listen just a little.
But let's not let that happen. Let's continue to talk about the malicious leaking of national defense secrets in order to exact political retribution.
Sure we can talk about the Supreme Court pick -- it is, after all, a critically important selection -- but let's not let it get in the way of the other important story still unfolding.

Update: Reuters is confirming my suspicions that the timing of the Supreme Court announcement has everything to do with distracting attention from the Rove case.