Friday, September 02, 2005

New Orleans Got the Blues

Cheney's still vacationing,
Condi's buying shoes,
Rove is playing politics,
New Orleans Got the Blues.

Bush is taking copter rides,
Landrieu is kissing ass,
Hastert says it's all a joke,
The people can't buy gas.

The prez has his priorities:
Cutting brush and aid,
Protecting all the rich folks' kids,
While thousands wash up dead.

A photo op, that's what we need,
That's what'll ease the pain.
Let's prance around in front of press
While hope goes down the drain.

He'll prob'ly wipe away a tear,
Won't stain that costly suit .
He'll pray the zillionaires are safe
While poor folks get the boot.

The National Guard's all been deployed
To far-off desert sands.
Their relatives at home seek help,
They cannot lend their hands.

Another day, no end in sight,
Seems there's no good news.
The preznit's playing guitar while
New Orleans Got the Blues.