Sunday, December 12, 2004

An Idea

Here's an idea that popped into my head this morning.
Can't really say why -- just some sort of synthesis of thoughts about my career, my family, the need to work for a living, etc.
Anyway, it's an idea for a novel. Working title: "The Business".
Plot: A 50-year-old white man and his 18-year-old mixed race daughter compete against each other to land a job in the entertainment industry. It's about both the relationship between the old man and his grown-up baby, and attitudes towards age, race and gender.
Why the entertainment industry? I guess because that's where I see my daughter possibly heading. It also seems to be an industry that might be somewhat friendly to a girl without a college education, which is part of the idea -- again, based on the concerns I currently have about my daughter.
Just a glimmer at the moment, but worth keeping in mind.
I should do some research on how people break into " the business", just to see if I can flesh it out at all.
I'm sure I can flesh out the father-daughter side of it.