Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Something to stimulate productivity.
Let's leave the blog open all day, so that I can write down thoughts as they come to me without the "pain" of clicking on a website to open it. Will making access a smidgen easier make me a smidgen more productive?
Why is it that I feel that I have something to say but lack the discipline to say it?
What is it that I have to say anyway?


Here's something:
Reading The New York Times this morning, my attention was caught by an article about Shirley O. Corriher, who is writing a book on the chemistry of baking, having written a successful one on the chemistry of cooking in general.
Part of the reason this item caught my eye was that several years ago I had the notion of writing a book about "Kitchen Chemistry". I never did it, of course. But reading this article, I have the faint feeling that I could have and should have and missed the boat. Because of my laziness and/or lack of discipline.
So I bought the book. Spending money is something I never seem to lack the will or capacity to do.