Monday, January 10, 2005

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace, how sweet the taste
That saved a wrench for me.
I once was in the lost and found,
Was blind but found my key.

OK. There they are. The words have been circling in my head for 3-4 days, since I heard them on a Malcolm In The Middle episode in which the family joins a church to take advantage of free day care. Reese, who has undergone a religious conversion as a result of taking part in a church youth group, sings "Amazing Grace" while flying in a chair kept aloft by a bunch of white helium balloons. As usual, Reese's behavior is a highlight of the episode. Earlier in the episode, while the smiling teens around him sing the praises of abstinence, he asks if he can't just get a form signed so he can get out of the class.
I love Malcolm, as I've said before.
Some of the best comedy on TV.