Tuesday, February 15, 2005

"Jeff" and Sister Lucia

Not much to say yet this morning.
The mainstream media (shall I begin using the popular abbreviation MSM?) is doing its best to ignore the latest chapter in the Jeff Gannon/Jim Guckert story. Only Salon.com has picked up on it, and while Eric Boehlert's article is very good, the inattention from the rest of the press is disturbing.
The planting of a gay prostitute within the press corps to lob softball questions at George W. Bush and Scott McClellan is significant, not because Mr. Guckert is gay or a prostitute, but because it is exemplary of the extreme hypocrisy of this administration.
That stories are now surfacing about Mr. McClellan's private life is not coincidental, I'm sure. Someone had to recruit Mr. Guckert into this role. I have no problem with Mr. McClellan's sexuality or even Mr. Guckert's (beyond his unhealthy line of business), but I do have a problem with their hypocrisy in supporting Mr. Bush's anti-gay agenda while living a double life.
More troubling to me is that Mr. Guckert sat among the press corps for two years, and nobody in that esteemed group seems to have questioned his identity or credentials. I find it hard to believe that nobody thought anything was off-kilter here.


Only the BBC, among news outlets I look at, is paying much attention to the death of Sister Lucia. Again, too bad. It's a fascinating story, probably the most famous "religious vision" event of the 20th century, maybe the most famous since the apparitions of the Virgin at Lourdes.