Monday, February 21, 2005

On The Pleasures of a Rainy Day

It's a gray, rainy day at my house. Everyone except for me is currently asleep, and I have just gotten up from bed to make myself some lunch.
I am glad that my family is in the house, but equally glad that they are all asleep and not infringing on my solitude at the moment.
As it's a holiday, my big decision of the moment is whether to spend the next few hours reading or watching TV.
When I was younger, I used to call in sick to work on occasion to take advantage of days like this, when I could lazily choose among the pleasures of the quiet life -- reading, watching TV, perhaps cooking and dining on some good, warming food. Rainy days seem particularly appropriate to this sort of hedonism.
When I was even younger, it was "snow days," when school was unexpectedly called off, that most often led to this kind of soul-satisfying leisure.
Whatever the inspiration, it is a pleasure to which I want to return more often.