Saturday, February 26, 2005

Outrageous and Unpublicized

Another outrageous act by the George W. Bush administration is publicized only on the blogosphere, for the most part.
I read The New York Times this morning. Why did I have to go to Pusillanimous Wankers to learn about this one?

Another U.S. Withdrawal at the United Nations? Leaders to Bush Admin: U.S. Must Reaffirm Historic Women's Human Rights Agreement

So the Bushies have refused to reaffirm the 1995 Beijing agreement, apparently because among the rights it affirms is that of choice.
These guys are so low I can hardly see them when I look down.
Many thanks to Pusillanimous Wankers for letting me know. And thanks to left-wing bloggers in general for keeping me informed about news worth knowing.