Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Something Random

Try this and pass it on:

1.Grab the nearest book.
2.Open the book to page 123.
3.Find the fifth sentence.
4.Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.
5.Don’t search around and look for the “coolest” book you can find. Do what’s actually next to you.

Here's one from You Can Always Tell a Harvard Man by Richard Bissell, which happens to be sitting on my desk:

"It's true that Elmer Gantry got through Divinity School but I don't think it
was Harvard though I am not sure."

And here's one from a book I happen to be reading at this time (although it was not next to me at the moment), Christine Todd Whitman's comic rant It's My Party Too:

"I didn't believe that for a minute, and as the number of calls from reporters
grew throughout the day, it was clear I was right to be concerned."

This entertaining little game came from the Scooter Blue blog. Pass it on.