Sunday, March 06, 2005

Small Thoughts

I don't think a whole lot of Frank Rich. As a columnist, he fits the same profile as Maureen Dowd -- writers so betaken with their own cleverness that they subjugate truth and reason to expressions of their own superiority (compare their work to the principled writings of someone like Bob Herbert and you see the difference). And I think his self-aggrandizing feud with Bill O'Reilly is a case of well-matched (dim)wits. But I think Mr. Rich hits the nail right on the head in his column today in The New York Times. It's a sort of eulogy for Dan Rather's career, in which he acknowledges Rather's shortcomings but points out that few other news outlets have even attempted anything resembling serious reporting in recent years.
He focuses part of the article on the MSM's shameful failure to pursue the Gannongate story, with its obvious national security implications. Those of us screaming in the blogosphere owe him at least a small "thank you" for mentioning it.


Many people seem to be aware that the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas, is a home of evil and bigotry. But I'm wondering: Have the major Baptist organizations in the U.S. denounced this band of lunatics? Don't know. Just asking.
If they haven't, they are remiss. There's no Christian love going on in that place.