Friday, March 04, 2005

Acting On Their Principles

The All-Spin Zone and The Brad Blog alert us to the news that every Republican member of the House of Representatives voted against an amendment that would have required "that states provide a minimum required number of functioning and accurate voting machines and poll workers for all precincts."
A few days ago, I pondered why conservatives seemed to be reluctant to say what they mean when they are doing things like, for example, subpoenaeing medical records in Kansas in an effort to prosecute women and their doctors for late-term abortions. (Phill Kline, the Kansas attorney general, has subsequently acknowledged that he is on an abortion-rights witch-hunt, evidently feeling emboldened in his "righteous" cause)
Well, here's a case where Republicans make it clear exactly what they want -- no safeguards to ensure that voters get an equal chance to cast their ballots regardless of demographics -- and I'm sorry they are so forthcoming.
It seems at least they could have enough of a sense of shame to mask their racist hijinks.
But of course, who knows what might have happened if they'd actually put sufficient voting machines in predominantly African-American precincts in Ohio?
The amendment, offered by Democratic Reps. John Conyers and Maxine Waters, was to a bill providing a plan for special elections in the unlikely case that a large number of congressional representatives were wiped out in a terrorits act.
Conyers argued eloquently that Congress should perhaps be more concerned about voters who lost their franchise in the last two presidential elections due to discriminatory policies.
But the GOP? They're apparently all for discrimination when it comes to ensuring phony victories. It's disgusting. Is there really NOT ONE congressional Republican with a sense of morality and fair play?
Christie Whitman: Defend your gang of thugs all you want. Their real colors can't be hidden behind so-called moderates like you.