Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Those Bush Boys Love Their Surprises

They're just the cleverest fellows, aren't they? (just ask their Mom)
Big Brother George isn't getting much support on his plan to dismantle Social Security despite spending all kinds of taxpayer money flying around the country and holding phony town meetings, so what happens today?
Why the Social Security Board of Trustees issues a new report that says this program will run dry of funds even sooner than previously predicted. A year earlier, to be exact. If you can't win on your questionable numbers, come out with some new ones!
And Little Brother Jeb can't get any of those nasty judges to agree with him that he should decide whether Terri Schiavo gets to live or die, so he gets a neurologist to review Mrs. Schiavo's medical records (not examine the patient, of course) and pronounce that her diagnonsis was wrong all along! For the past 15 years, all those silly doctors who actually looked at her and ran tests and all that stuff have been just plain wrong. Mrs. Schiavo isn't in a persistent vegetative state after all, this clever Bush neurologist reports; she's "most likely in a state of minimal consciousness."
Aren't these boys clever. If you can't win on the facts, just change 'em to suit you.
Sorry for the sarcasm, but these people just get on my nerves sometimes.