Sunday, March 13, 2005

The "Why" Of Social Security Reform

There's an excellent column by John Steinberg at The Raw Story site, discussing why George W. Bush has gone on his "jihad" against Social Security. I have considered and decided against taking a stab at explaining Bush's personal motives in this fight, but Mr. Steinberg does a fine job of taking on the topic.
Here's an excerpt:
"One of Dubya’s newer rhetorical sleights is the use of the phrase “ownership
society” to describe the dismantling of the social safety net and the
individualization of risk. But when George Bush talks about the ownership
society, what he really means is that he wants to create an atmosphere in which
there is no guilt associated with ownership – a place where those who inherit
wealth will feel unapologetically entitled to it.
"This, then, is the New Entitlement."

Take a few minutes and read the whole article.