Monday, May 23, 2005

Talk About Your Low-Lying Fruit

Can these people be real?
The illustrious Republican congressman from Alabama, Mr. Spencer Bachus, thinks that Bill Maher's HBO show should be canceled because he referred to Lynddie England as the sort of "low-lying fruit" that the Army picks up in time of need.
"I don't want him prosecuted," Bachus said. "I want him off the air."
Hey, Spence -- It was a joke. The show is a satirical commentary.
Maher, by the way, was talking about the U.S. military's well-publicized recruiting problems.
Mr. Bachus who, like George W. Bush, chose the National Guard over active duty during the Vietnam War, objected to Mr. Maher's joshing the military. In fact, he said, Mr. Maher's comments "border on treason."
Has this man ever heard of the Bill of Rights -- the one that guarantees freedom of speech? Yes, under that sage provision, he's entitled to his view as well. But I'm entitled to call him an idiot. Which he is.
Did it ever occur to him that it's the people who oppose freedom of speech who are the traitors?