Saturday, June 18, 2005

Jeb Bush's Crusade Against Reason

Two days after the release of the autopsy reporting that shows conclusively that Terri Schiavo was indeed hopelessly brain-damaged, Jeb Bush announces that he has ordered an investigation into the timing of Scott Schiavo's call to 911 more than 15 years ago.
To what end?
Having failed miserably at gaining public support for his crusade against Scott Schiavo in the courts, Gov. Bush now decides to launch a vindictive personal crusade against Schiavo. Evidently he plans to hound him through the rest of his life. The reality of Terri Schiavo's condition means nothing, nor does the family's need to finally put this sorry story to rest.
The entire Bush family is a stain on the American body politic and on humanity. They are the exact opposite of public servants -- they are petty, vindictive, small-minded and behave in virtually every instance in a way contrary to the public good.
They are the shame of the nation.