Thursday, June 02, 2005

Google Torture

In a fascinating display of twisted logic, the right wingers are now pointing to the fact that a Google search turns up more references to "human rights abuse" linked with "United States" than with any other country they searched as evidence that reports of abuse are false.
I read through the comments and I still don't get the logic. Evidently, the right-wingnuts believe this happens because the press is lazy. Well, the press is pretty lazy, but that doesn't mean that human rights abuses by U.S. personnel haven't happened. The logic for the connection isn't there. What happens when the press is lazy is that stories critical of the governments under which the press organizations operate don't get told. The laziness of the U.S. press has not a whole lot to do with the paucity of news coming out of Burma. Plus, doesn't it make at least a little bit of sense that the U.S. press, even the lazy members, would report a little bit more on abuses committed by our government than abuses abroad? Give it up, guys. Here's a rule that has generally worked for me: Where there's smoke, there's fire.