Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Right-wing blogger Michelle Malkin, with her typical anti-patriotic fervor, is all a-twitter this morning about John Kerry taking a step toward releasing his complete military records for public review.
The loony Ms. Malkin evidently has not given up on her campaign to destroy Mr. Kerry's honorable record as a Vietnam war hero, and continues to question the U.S. military's judgment in awarding Mr. Kerry his medals for valorous service.
Here's my question: If Bill Maher's "low-lying fruit" comment on HBO is near-treasonous, as the esteemed Alabama Republican Congressman Spencer Bachus has charged, shouldn't Ms. Malkin do a long term in prison for suggesting that the Navy didn't know what it was doing when it chose to decorate Mr. Kerry?
Seems to me that her remarks are treason, plain and simple. How dare she suggest that the U.S. Navy is staffed by incompetents!!!!!
It's time we judged these people by their own standards.