Sunday, May 29, 2005

Where's The Bliss?

Four months ago, the Bush administration flung open the gates of paradise and welcomed the grateful Iraqi people to bask in the warm sunshine of democracy. The Iraqi elections were hailed near and far. The corporate MSM joined hands with the radical right to anoint George W. Bush as godfather of global freedom.
So, pardon me for being so ill-mannered as to ask, "Where's the improvement?" Just exactly what difference did they make? We were promised that a new golden era of democracy had begun. So, where is it?
I'm sure I'll be told that four months is not a long time, that we have to give freedom a chance to take hold. Excuse me for having a sense of history, but when the weapons inspectors asked for two more months to do their job, Mr. W said it was an unacceptably long period of time (he had his cooked-up intelligence all ready, and I guess he was afraid it would go bad if he let it sit on the back burner).
Come on, Mr. Bush. The world gave you a pass on sanctioning atrocities because it believed your heart was leading you in a direction that would benefit everyone. So, let's see it, already.
Is it here?
Or here?
Or here?
No, wait! Maybe it's over here!
Uhhh ... here?
Never mind ...