Friday, September 09, 2005

Dr. Ben Marble, American Hero

He's the young emergency physician who told Vice President Dick to go fuck himself yesterday. For his efforts, he was handcuffed and detained by Cheney's goons for 20 minutes or so. Read all about him at
Here's a brief sample of the excellent article:
So let’s get this straight: A physician with a newborn baby loses most everything he owns in the hurricane, does what most of us WANT to do and “echoes” Cheney’s words he spoke on the Senate floor last year, walks away harmlessly, mission accomplished, and then once the media cameras leave, he is treated like a foreign terrorist as Cheney’s goons waving M-16s handcuff him in front of his destroyed home? Had it not been for the media cameras filming the initial scene, I doubt Cheney’s goons would have just let Marble go after 20 minutes.America, land of the free?