Thursday, March 24, 2005

Hypocrisy Unbound

As if the conservative posturing over Terri Schiavo weren't a revolting enough display of hypocrisy, here come the Republicans of the Florida legislature with a bill aimed at allowing students to sue professors who teach things they don't like. Like the fact of evolution.
Good Lord.
This is the party that wants to limit our right to sue and recover damages in medical malpractice cases, yet they're sponsoring a bill to allow university students to sue professors who teach evolution.
Heaven forbid that universities be a setting for research and knowledge rather than religious dogma.
The only positive aspect about recent events is there is some cause to believe that the Republicans may be overstepping in their kowtowing to the religious right. Poll after poll is showing that people recognize the Terri Schiavo furor as political posturing. Do we dare to hope that people also would realize that science classrooms are not meant to be settings for religion classes?
You know, I have no problem with people believing that God created the world in six days. I just don't think they should carry that belief into biology class, where it is utterly inappropriate and contrary to the evidence and the purpose of the class.