Sunday, April 10, 2005

Bush's Culture of Death and Despair

A couple of items that struck me in this morning's paper:
  • "Premiums for family coverage in employer-sponsored [health] plans roce 59 percent between 2001 and 2004, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, compared with a 9.7 percent growth in consumer prices." -- from the North [San Diego] County Times, article by Michael P. Regan of the Associated Press, "Life without health insurance becomes a gamble"
  • From the same article: "A study by researchers at UC San Diego, published Tuesday by the policy journal Health Affairs, predicts that 56 million people in the U.S. -- more than one in four American workers -- will be uninsured by 2013."
  • From Parade magazine: "This year we will spend $168 million for sexual-abstinence education but only $13 million for adoption awareness."

The numbers are outrageous. The situation is detestable. We must stop tolerating a government that hypocritically promotes a religion-pandering "culture of life" while completely ignoring the needs of the living.