Monday, May 02, 2005

Back Into the Blogosphere

A two-week break from posting began by happenstance when I wound up without Internet access in Germany. I wrote a few things -- which I may or may not end up posting after I re-read them -- but having spent most of a week without posting, I spent a second week wondering how to jump back into the fray.
I read a lot, and thought a lot about things I could say, but for some very strange reason, was not inspired to open my blog.
It's not as if very many people would have noticed my silence. Not as if I needed to explain where I've been. I noticed it, however. Posting to this blog is a habit, one that I believe does me some good. If a few other people get occasional enlightenment or enjoyment out of my posts, that's good too.
So, anyway, I'm back with more ramblings.