Monday, May 02, 2005

A Better World

Food for thought from a fascinating interview with evolutionist Richard Dawkins in Salon. Many of us have pondered this thought, but Dawkins expresses it eloquently:

Bush and bin Laden are really on the same side: the side of faith and violence
against the side of reason and discussion. Both have implacable faith that
are right and the other is evil. Each believes that when he dies he is
going to
heaven. Each believes that if he could kill the other, his path to
paradise in
the next world would be even swifter. The delusional "next
world" is welcome to
both of them. This world would be a much better place
without either of them.

BTW, this is not in any way a suggestion that anyone should attempt to do anything about Mr. Bush's existence. Just a little wishful thinking that Barbara had tried birth control when she had the chance.