Thursday, January 13, 2005


An article in The New York Times this morning describes new paleontological findings that early mammals snacked on baby dinosaurs. For some reason, I've read a lot about dinosaurs this week. I won't attempt just now to track down the sources (most likely Salon and/or Slate) but I've read about "intelligent design" theory and the political battle to have it taught in the schools. At least one of the leading figures in this debate has posited that humans and dinosaurs co-existed, just like in the old Raquel Welch movie.
The Times relates that fossil evidence has been found of dog-sized mammals, at least one of which had eaten a baby dinosaur as its "last meal."
Now I can't say exactly why this brought to mind the dinosaur/human co-existence theory, but it did, just as surely as it conjured up a vision of Fred Flintstone eating a brontosaurus burger. I guess it's just that there are fewer leaps here than in a typical round of "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon."
Oh, wait. Here's another thought. One Million B.C and The Flintstones are creations of Hollywood, the last refuge of the liberal scoundrel. How could it be that this colony of pinkos has produced works that support the view of intelligent design theorists?
My head hurts with the thoughts.