Monday, May 02, 2005

Trumping Bush

Many others have written and will write -- with far more wit and wisdom than I -- about the way in which George W. Bush ended his press conference last week so as not to interfere with the 9 pm start of The Apprentice, CSI and other television shows far more popular than his administration has been lately.
I just think it's amusing that our president, seemingly so self-confident, so sure of his common touch, cowers in the wake of Donald Trump's stupid TV show.
Here's some other things I've found amusing recently:
  • J.R. Kinnard's funny posting on Bush's sexuality on don't floss with tinsel.
  • Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO, which had a great panel discussion on Bush's economic "policies" Friday night. Somehow I'd never watched this show before (it's on after my bedtime ...) but now that I can Tivo it, I'll never miss it again.
  • The notion that the loony, right-wing harpy Ann Coulter thinks of herself as a "public intellectual". Sorry, Annie. What you are is a political Judy Tenuta (sorry, Judy. You opened yourself up to that one by being crude and not very funny, just like Annie)