Friday, October 07, 2005

A New Fed Chief? Why Not The Worst?

So today we hear that Bush is "close" to announcing a new chairman of the Federal Reserve, to replce Alan Greenspan. Well, W has had an extraordinary record recently in naming nanny-ish women to top jobs -- the bovine Karen Hughes insulting Middle Eastern women at State, Harriet Miers poised to wear her choir robes to Supreme Court hearings. Now he has a chance to name a new chairman of the Federal Reserve.
While the effort to promote women into important leadership roles in government is generally to be applauded (and I will clap my hands raw when Hillary becomes president), Bush has made a mockery of the idea. If Condi Rice is Bush's "work wife" as has been said, Hughes and Miers are more in the mold of "work mommies," fiercely loyal yet hectoring substitutes for Big Babs.
I recommend he continue the trend. We need a "mommy" to oversee the Fed. My choice: Jean Stapleton, formerly Edith Bunker of "All In The Family." She carries a big purse, knows a lot about money from balancing the family budget, and managed to make ends meet on her husband's blue-collar salary in pricey New York City. And hey, the New York aspect of it should make her a shoo-in for Blue-Staters.